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Gas operated airsoft rifles, pistols and handguns come in a large variety of models and styles. Semi-automatic and select fire full automatic models are available. These things shoot reall hard up to 400fps. There are full metal models, metal & plastic combinations and completely plastic. Some of the most popular pistols in history are here, Mausers, Lugars, Colt 1911, Beretta M9, Socom, Glock, S&W and others.

Description Price
CM030 ELECTRIC Metal gearbox Pistol

Note not fully interchangeable with Tokyo Marooee. FULL AUTO or SEMI AUTOMATIC FIRING SELECTOR SWITCH.
These shoot approximately 220 feet per second, and about a distance of 80 feet. They are a high end electric pistol, at a lower price point than Tokyo Marooee, comes with 7.2 volt Battery re-chargeable, and charger . Many parts are interchangeable with TM

HG-185B6-C Gas Blowback Semi Automatic
- Weight: 1.75 Lbs
- Velocity: 230 Fps
- approx 22 BB Magazine
-Heavy duty ABS Plastic
- Green Gas Propellant
HG-186ZB-C Metal Gas Blow back made by HFC.
Works best and recommend .20 gram Premium Quality BBs.

No cheap Chinese BBs as they will ruin this product.

Gas Blowback Semi Automatic only
- Weight: 2.25 Lbs
- Velocity: 300+ Fps
- approx 22 BB Magazine
-Heavy metal
- Magazine/Clip: use HG-186M
- Green Gas Propellant

Full Metal Broomhandle Mauser Pistol

This is the HARDEST hitting airsoft pistol we have at over 400fps!

This is a museum quality replica featuring real wood and full metal. Manufactured by HFC in Taiwan to exact proportions and weight this airsoft will accept the wooden stock/holster of the real gun!


BC HG-121 1911.jpg (20335 bytes) Law & Military M1911 Gas PistolInexpensive, great velocity, accurate for inexpensive gas pistol. If you want more accuracy less velocity we suggest using .20gram BBs. For more velocity, more curve, less accuracy use .12 gram BB.
BB weight: .12 gram
Color: Black
Barrel: Reg
Approx. FPS: 290 fps
Propulsion: Gas
Distance: 90-120 feet
Capacity: 12 rounds
Weight: .45 lbs
Safety switch: YES
Empty lock back: No
Accessories: BBs
BC HG-196LW6 Mauser Rifle.jpg (20277 bytes) Mauser Rifle Gas This is a very interesting full Size Heavy Metal Gas Airsoft Mauser C96 Rifle. Hard shooting (425 FPS+). 40 inches long. Has adjustable hop up feature, single fire semi auto. Realistic metal gas rifle. $199.95
1911 A1 Heavy Kick Barrel Threaded for fake Silencer $119.95
J 05089.jpg (57118 bytes) J 05089

KWA M93R Full/Semi Automatic or 3 shot burst Gas blowback with speedloader

JP 189B.jpg (34724 bytes) Fire Power Case.jpg (39131 bytes) JP 189B 

Firepower Negotiator All metal gas blowback. Adjustable Hop-up, shoots 350 fps. Comes with free gun case and speed loader

JP 190B.jpg (65684 bytes) Fire Power Case.jpg (39131 bytes) JP 190B

HFC M92F Special Forces semi-auto, gas blowback. Shoots 350 fps and comes with speed loader and case.

JP 18517.jpg (50239 bytes) Fire Power Case.jpg (39131 bytes) JP 18517

HFC Spectra VII Firepower Pack gas blowback with free speed loader and case shoots 350 fps

J 05263.jpg (50165 bytes) J 05263

KWA 1911 Elite Heavy Weight Gas blowback, semi auto operation


Glock 26C.gif (38419 bytes) KSC Glock 26C Gas blowback with semi and full automatic operation shoots 350 fps


You must be aware of state or local laws governing the use and ownership of the airsoft and paintball guns. Removing any warning stickers, paint or safety markings made to comply with Federal law is prohibited. Federal Law states that the use of a look-a-like or toy firearm in any crime carries the full ramifications of a real firearm.

Airsoft Guns are required to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange.


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